Friday, March 11, 2011

Original Jewelry Line

Time is flying by. I meant to post this about a month ago, when the project was due :-( I blinked and a month flew by!

Our first project of the semester was to create a wearable, sellable line of jewelry (10 pieces), and the main object was to move FAST. I didn't quite get that part down. I decided that riveting beads on instead of bezel setting stones would be faster (which it probably was), but it definitely still took FOREVER. Speed was not something I achieved with this line. In fact, I didn't even get all 10 of my pieces made.
I got very very sick a few days before it was due, but even if I hadn't gotten sick, I still would have been way behind.

I learned several things along the way. The planished forms look a lot more interesting than the ones that are sandblasted. It gives them more movement, I think. Also I learned halfway through that I need to seal the copper BEFORE the rivets go on. Otherwise, even with spray finish, I can't get a good solid coat on the pieces. Woops. I also realized that a variance in size/shape of beads looks better and more interesting than just having a lot of the same size. So, my last one (the large brooch pictured above) is the best one, obviously from all the things I learned along the way. The rest are nice, but I definitely need to work on some of them.

Oh, PS. they're based around the idea of throwing up. I think it's funny, and I've gotten very different reactions to the idea. Most people my age think it's hillarious and cool. Older people look disgusted. I named the line "Cute Puke" and the display cards are black and white with a faint mouth in the background (which is where the product sits in the display).

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