Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Since I posted that last enameling post, I thought it might be nice to show my finished enameled brooches.

I wanted to create brooches that look similar to campaign pins, but were for recycling. I feel like recycling is held  in high esteem by people who already thought it was important, but in terms of gaining new supporters it seems somewhat difficult. I figured if there were campaign pins, maybe it would get people thinking.

As you can see, the backs of the pins are the tops to coke cans. I also used recycled glass from C&R Kuttbottle and fused it to the enamel to give extra color and dimension. The pins are about 3 inches in diameter, maybe a little smaller.

This is my favorite (and most involved) one. I tried to rivet the arrows on and it was a NIGHTMARE. So instead of riveting the smaller dome to the larger one, I just used enamel to fuse them together. I'm also a sucker for blue/green/teal colors.

This isn't enameling, obviously, but I've been playing with stitching on metal so I added it to the campaign button idea. I love the soft/hard mixture of thread and metal. 

These are some samples of experimentation with sandblasting resist on the enamel. Depending on the thickness of enamel and the amount of sandblasting, the results can be somewhat dimensional.

One of my favorite fold-form shapes enameled with natural colors. I meant it to be a pendant, but the holes closed up and it makes a really nice ring!

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  1. Hi I won the giveaway Carly at Chic Steals was holding to win one of your pendants. It arrived in the post yesterday and I absolutely love it. I have also posted a short post about it on my blog directing people to your shop http://kitkatkatchat.blogspot.com/2011/06/i-won-o.html I hope it gets you some looks as your jewellery is really beautiful :)