Sunday, November 7, 2010

So.....I made a blog...

Alright. I have given in and made a blog. Mostly I decided to start blogging so I would have an avenue for thoughts, ideas, and opinions. I enjoy the idea of having somewhere to show my art, but I'm also excited about having a place to talk through my ideas and not have to worry about losing my sketchbook. I'm hoping that having this blog makes me become more meticulous about documenting my life. Do you know I barely take any pictures of anything? Mostly because I'm awful at taking pictures, but I need to at least try.The only reason I have pictures of my artwork is through my wonderful professor, Lauren McAdams. If it wasn't for her....well...I'd have crappy images of everything. Don't get me wrong, I do the best I can with what skills and equipment I have, its just I'm severely lacking in the "skills" department. So if you see a great, high-quality picture on my blog that looks like it was taken by someone who cares, chances are it's a McAdams picture.

So....what do I write about?

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